If you are a law enforcement agency that would like to “hop” with us, please contact us on the contact page.

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Found another great picture of Sam. He used to host a thank you luncheon for the team at Westgate after each successful Bunny Hopping Season. The team loved it and always loved him. ... See MoreSee Less

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Found some pictures of years past with Sam and Khira. Westgate has been so blessed to be part of this amazing journey. ... See MoreSee Less

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Dear Friend of the Easter Bunny,
The Easter Bunny Foundation would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to you and your department for your participation in our mission of bringing smiles and a plush bunny to children and seniors from coast to coast. We realize that this Easter season brought challenges that none of us could have ever imagined and many of our law enforcement partners met these challenges with creativity, perseverance and a love for their communities. The Easter Bunny made appearances by golf cart, motorcycles, squad cars and even by boat. Through these efforts, over 13,000 plush bunnies were hand delivered and brought a smile to people during a time when it was truly needed,
Now we are faced with yet another challenge to overcome. We invite you to use any toys you may have left over to help strengthen your relationship with your community as you see fit. Some departments have distributed the toys at Covid-19 testing sites, food drive pickup points and to encourage social distancing in lower income communities. No one knows the needs of your jurisdiction better than you, and the Foundation is here to support you. If you need more plush bunnies, please reach out to us.

Please know that all of us at the Easter Bunny Foundation have you in our hearts, thoughts and prayers as we all adjust to our new reality.

With fondest regards,
Sam and Eleanor Meiner
The Easter Bunny Foundation

(Need more bunnies? Please contact Holly at 407-340-9131 or [email protected])
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